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Back Massage


Active trigger points are painful and tight areas within muscles that can cause a decline or restriction in the biomechanics. Myofascial trigger points can be found anywhere on the body and are one of the most common causes for chronic musculoskeletal pain. Incorporating trigger point therapy within your session time may help to alleviate pain arising from these activated points.

Essential Oils


Lymphatic Drainage Massage can be an exceptional therapy pre & post-op to aid in the removal of swelling caused by excess fluid in the interstitial tissues. The effectiveness of lymphatic massage may be augmented when coupled with essential oils, vibration and hydrotherapy. Popular for BBL, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, facelift, liposuction and oncology surgeries, both before and after your procedure. Incredible for those suffering with Lymphedema. If you have had any liposuction procedure, please also view the description on fibrosis, as this may meed to be incorporated into your MLD session. Please further discuss your goals with Valerie to customize your MLD session!

Sports massage on leg


Deep tissue massage techniques are used to physically break down scar tissue, adhesions and fibrosed tissue that can disrupt flow, cause pain, limit range of motion and inflame the area. Not everyone can withstand a true deep tissue massage. Pressure can always be adjusted based on your pain tolerance level and therapy goals.

Back Massage


Assistance to newly formed scars can be implemented to ensure the proper laying down of new fibers. A simple, repetitive technique is used at this time, specific to new scars only. A more rigorous, deep approach is reserved for when scar tissue has formed from old, chronic issues.



Fibrosis, also known as fibrotic scarring, is a pathological wound healing in which connective tissue replaces normal parenchymal tissue to the extent that it goes unchecked, leading to considerable tissue remodeling and the formation of permanent scar tissue. If detected early, fibrosis can quite easily be eliminated. Techniques are used throughout your session to break up this tougher tissue, however, this is not traditional deep tissue work. Fibrosis massage is employed during post-op recovery if fibrosis has occurred. Valerie has been trained in fibrosis massage specific to successful post-op recovery.

Back Massage


Breaking down adhesions is a common benefit with massage of specific techniques. Scar tissue is comprised of collagen fibers, or fibrous connective tissues. These fibers are laid down for the repair of damaged tissue within the body. Scar tissue can become very restrictive as the elasticity of the tissues is shorter than the body's natural muscular tissues. Valerie breaks down adhesions using a variety of techniques and modalities aiding in decreasing pain, increasing range of movement and relieving restrictions.