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Licensed with the Ohio State Medical Board, Valerie DuPree, LMT, CFT - ISSA, has developed an extraordinary background and reputation for providing safe and effective care. She has had a successful 26+ year career in the field of alternative therapies, namely massage and reflexology. 

Valerie was extensively trained at the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Within a two year period, she received over 2200 hours of intensive education in such subject matter as kinesiology, neurology, anatomy, physiology, medical massage, sports, deep-tissue, lymphatic drainage, prenatal treatments, diagnostics, remedial exercise and hydrotherapy. Business, ethics and jurisprudence were of high importance as part of the comprehensive course material that is massage & hydrotherapy. Writing many hours of board exams and appearing before the board panel to perform therapy led to a successful certification in Canada. USA certification followed many years later when Valerie made the move to the States and wrote the Ohio board exams.

Valerie has practiced in a variety of settings including a heli-skiing & boarding operation, spas, five star hotels, movie sets and also in clinical practice, working alongside doctors. Work has taken her to the Canadian Rockies in Banff, Alberta; the Selkirk + Monashee Mountains in Revelstoke, British Columbia; The Pacific Coast Region of Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler, British Columbia; Los Angeles + San Diego, California; and Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

Also a published writer, Valerie's articles have appeared in a number of fitness magazines since 2004.

She now practices massage therapy in Columbus, Ohio.

Continuing education is extremely important to Valerie and ongoing in all areas of health, fitness, bodywork and nutritional science. She is a passionate massage therapist utilizing a deep tissue approach when necessary as this is the most effective way to break down old, fibrosed tissue. Alternatively, the lightest touch may be used during a session if working to remove excess fluid from the body via manual lymphatic drainage.

Valerie's treatments are specifically tailored to the needs of each client to ensure they receive the approach that works best for them, which is always talked about prior to the treatment. With Valerie, you never have to be disappointed with time shaved off your appointment so she can prepare for the next client. Just enough buffer time is placed between appointments for that purpose.

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