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Client Feedback

Get an idea of some of the experiences past clients have had, take a look at a selection of their testimonials below.

Val’s reputation preceeds her. If I only had one word to describe her it would be passionate. Val deeply cares about her clients, and this is demonstrated in her practice consistently. Val took care of me following an abdominalplasty, and the care, concern and knowledge she showed towards me left me in total awe. She works on perfecting her craft regularly, (though she is already certified in more areas than I can count) she still looks for ways to learn more. Her energy is positive. Uplifting and so supportive. I’ve received massage therapy my entire adult life (over 18 years) and I have never encountered a soul as blessed as hers. I thank God that He allowed our paths to cross, and I can’t wait to be under her amazing care in the next couple of months following my round 2!

Bless you Val, your family, and may your business continue to thrive and grow.


(Abdominal fibrosis apparent 3 weeks post-op, abdominoplasty).

Valerie is great at what she does! She made me feel comfortable and explained every process and also what the various acupressure points are for. I absolutely love her!

- M.R.

(Hardened axillary lymph node & axillary fibrosis 3 weeks post-op, multiple areas of liposuction, tummy tuck & BBL).

Ms. Valerie has an amazing touch and is soooo knowledgeable. I feel so blessed to be under her care during my post surgery process!

- W.B.

(Mild abdominal and unilateral fibrosis @ 1.5 weeks post-op. Procedure - 360 Lipo).

I'm so happy with how my stomach looks! What Valerie has been doing to break up my fibrosis has helped  tremendously!

- D.S.

(Visible fibrosis had developed one month post-op. Procedures - BBL & abdominal liposuction).

Valerie's technique is WONDERFUL! And her personality and love of dogs is good, too. Her workspace is is very clean, neat and well-kept. Valerie does EXCELLENT work on relaxing tight muscles and knots. She uses moist heat, various tools and her hands. She responds well to feedback and is a great conversationalist if you're feeling like talking during your massage, otherwise she is quiet. I recommend her highly.


Valerie is one of the best massage therapists I've been to. From lymphatic drainage to deep tissue sports massage, she always knows just how to "fix" a problem area. In addition, she's caring, passionate and never rushes you. The atmosphere of her space is comfortable, relaxing and very professional. I would highly recommend Valerie to anyone looking for a massage!

-Brandi F.

"Val is awesome!!! She is a miracle worker who has brought me back from many of injury to top performance. If there was a massage wizard, she is it!"

- Sarah Lopienski Columbus, OH

- 3 time Boston Marathon Qualifier (2010-2013)

- 1 time NYC Marathon Guaranteed Entry (2012)

- Monogram Winner, Women's Varsity Track and Field, 

The University of Notre Dame (1997-1998)

- Member, Women's Varsity Track and Field, 

The University of Notre Dame (1996-2000)

- PR Marathon: 3:31:07 (2011 Boston Marathon)

- PR Half Marathon: 1:37:48 (2011 Columbus Half Marathon)

- PR 5K: 19:18 

- PR 400m hurdles: 59.9

- PR 300m hurdles: 43.42

"10 years of pain, gone in one session! I saw chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and 3 osteopathic surgeons. After seeing all of these practitioners, I still had the same pain I started with. The surgeons wanted to do surgery and fuse my spine, I said no to that. I knew someone could help me, I just had to find them. And then I did! I found Valerie. She took me seriously right from the start and researched my problems until she found the right solution for ME. My hips are holding strong! I was pain free all last night and today. I can bend over without the painful hitch I used to have. I can't remember when the last time I could pick something up off the floor or put on my socks without pain. I'm indebted to Valerie. I'm overwhelmed with joy and I don't know how to thank her enough. I know I still have a road ahead of me because my hips were out of alignment for so long but the road doesn't seem so long anymore."

- Tami 

"I had always thought massages were a luxury that I didn't have time or money for. When I began having tension in my neck and shoulders day and night my doctor suggested I try massage. I consider it a miracle that I found Valerie. She is professional but also friendly and caring. I feel so much better since I'm not "tied in knots" all the time. Now I look forward to my massages and have a much better quality of life." 

- Allie

"Valerie gave me an excellent, very relaxing and invigorating message today! After a quick interview, she seemed to know just what to do in order to relieve my muscle tension. I highly recommend Valerie as an expert in her field who has passion to help people get better."

- Todd A.

"I liked the diagrams that Valerie used to explain things like trigger points and the muscles. No other therapist has taken the time to do that with me before. I was impressed! I feel like I understand a lot better now what is going on now with my body. The techniques she uses are so effective, I feel great after every treatment. She gets the job done!"

- Sev T.

"All the diplomas and certificates on the wall in Valerie's treatment room show her passion and dedication to helping others get better and live pain free. I'm so happy I found her. She's just as enthusiastic about my progress as I am!"

- Luisa D

"I am a cancer survivor and go to Valerie for Lymphatic Drainage. I look forward to my treatments every week. She has really helped me in decreasing the swelling from my breast cancer surgery. Also, she really listens to me when I talk and she is so nice and caring. I feel very comfortable in her care."

- Mary O.

"Very knowledgeable gal! Bring a pen & might want to write down what she tells you!"


"These are the best massages I've ever had in my entire life!"

- KH

"I thought I was having deep tissue massages at a different place, even paid extra $ for it. Now I know what real deep work is. Valerie is the best at what she does. I've never felt better."

- Kerry J

"Amazing customer service!! Valerie is so warm & friendly and made me feel very comfortable for my first massage. I will be back!"

- Elizabeth

"I'll never go anywhere else for massage therapy. Valerie listened to me and talked with me for long time about my back. She explained everything in a non-rushed way that nobody ever took the time to do before. She's a really caring person and that is so rare and refreshing to see."

- Andrew P.


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